die wilde jagd

 ‘die wilde jagd – s/t (tapete / bureau b)’.

You can always rely on tapete / bureau b to occasion the odd picking your jaw off the floor moment, last years unexpected year end list botherer was the debuting platter from Automat (with whom common ground is incidentally found on the subtropic ‘jag’d auf den hirsch’), while it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find this hulking slab of kraut trance still holding its own come the close of the year and making a strong call in the album of the year selections roll of honour. Die Wilde Jagd are duo Messrs Beck and Philip – the former known to cut his teeth with unit 4 / karl bartos the latter one half of dark disco duo Noblesse Oblige. There’s a crafted familiarity that Die Wilde Jagd bring to your stereophonic world, it’s like waking up only to find someone has rummaged through your prized record collection and decided to give it a tweak and an upgrade into the bargain applying a Kraut- tech kool to its make-up. For here lurk electroid dadaist disco dialects scattered with motorik earthbeat pulsars and trance toned dubtronics, which when gathered together create what the label press release rightly notes a mind weaving ‘swampland’ sub species of kraut groove that playfully picks away at the outer spheres of club / electronic dance cultures of the last 40 years. None more so is this the case than on the opening salvo ‘wah wah wallenstein’ – a wig flipped hypno-grooving cosmic cruiser that sumptuously fuses the industrial disco of Front 242 upon an Embryo chassis and rephrases the union through a Moroder viewfinder. Similarly traced ‘Austerlitz’ – perhaps the sets best moment, is a psychotropic dub draped lunar ride pressed upon a deeply mesmeric looped groove motif all sumptuously tripped by floral kraut folk mosaics that lightly dance and jig to re-imagine and recalibrate as were forgotten ‘war of the worlds’ soundtracks had that is a twin pronged studio gathering of Fuxa and Slipstream types seen fit to collude to put it through some wig flipping futuro funk hot wash. Elsewhere there’s the gorgeously lilting shape shifting orbital ‘der elektrische reiter’ found cosmically dream weaving upon an astral trajectory into worlds once occupied and populated by the sounds of la dusseldorf and recalibrating to its core chassis all manner of mind melting and entrancing Arabesque snake charms. Amid these grooves you’ll encounter the mooching ‘torpedovogel’ which hones in sublimely on the early minimalist 80’s retro futuro groovings of Herbie Hancock albeit as though impishly modified by some studio mischief by a youthfully kooky Art of Noise only to be drop kicked into the shadowy landscapes of Add N to X. It’s not all lightness as the chill toned haunt of ‘durch dunkel tannen’ cautiously reminds, a doom dripped monolith etched in cold war minimalism and ice dripped atmospherics which in truth had us imagining a darker hearted variant of Battles map marking the lair of Clock DVA while there’s something regretful and bruised about the lonesome ‘morgenrot’ as it silently patrols ghostly shadows replaying looped memories atop rain swept noir pulsars. The set is brought to superb closure by the slow slick seduction of the DAF and Propaganda head space sharing ‘der meister’. Essential then.


Sound cloud snippets – https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/die-wilde-jagd-snippets-out-may-1-2015


Previous entries – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/die-wilde-jagd/


Video –


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