the implicit order

‘the implicit order – mountain music (wholeness recordings)’. 

We really must try and keep on top of these things, seems that since the last time we had occasion to feature the implicit order in these musings that they’ve since released a plethora of releases all of which have sadly passed up by. ‘mountain music’ sees these psychedelic concrete droners voyaging celestial netherworlds and while we here try to wrestle about freeing up time for a more detailed and considered listen can we just point out that ‘blind clocks’ has been the cause of much admiring wonder since positing itself in our listening world. Here the ghostly echoes of Jacques Lasry’s ‘maneche’ – more commonly familiar to many as the theme from 70’s children TV oddity ‘toybox’ – spookily drift through the ether flanked by angelic apparitions to create jubilant albeit disorientating jet streams of woozy white noise mind fractures.



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