the mynabirds

 ‘the Mynabirds – semantics (saddle creek)’. 

I’ll be honest with you, we actually sneaked this off the Domino web site and much taken were we that hey ho it features here, crystal tipped pure pop from the Mynabirds who’ve an album ‘lovers know’ due to appear soon – well August as it happens – giving you plenty of time to set aside hard earned cash and likewise fall beneath its spell which is something that lead out single ‘Semantics’ may go some way in assisting. Possessed of a lilting ear candy symmetry, ‘semantics’ purrs amid a vapour trail swoon of buzzing cosmic pulsars all seductively dimpled in an affectionate rush of lunar love noted 80’s electro signatures which by the tingle felt by our well-worn earlobes ought to attract admiring nods and glances from the drive time radio community whilst simultaneously loosely catching the attention of those much recalling the early outings of birdpen and a softer toned less world weary youthful swimmer one.


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