conrad schnitzler and pyrolator

‘Conrad Schnitzler and Pyrolator – con-struct (Bureau B). 

From an idea first forged way back in 2011 and realised through the use, manipulation and remodelling of a vast array of sound samples left by the late Conrad Schnitzler, former DAF / Der Plan player Pyrolator set about seeking to relocate the former Kluster / Tangerine Dream mavericks sonic legacy into darker and more technoid climes, thus ‘con-struct’ was born. Again only snippets of sound sketches are available, no titles alas but a revealing – I’m sure you’ll agree – of a wide spectrum of technique, stylising and texture can be found at play here that stray into the varying facets of the sonic cosmology that the worlds of trance, ambience, techno and drum n’ bass where heard to birth.

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