the telescopes

‘the telescopes – hidden fields (tapete).’

Having recently returned from the deep reaches of the noise niking improvisational wastelands which saw them heavily immersed in the crafting of abstract drone, there were times when it appeared that the mighty Telescopes had forsaken the notion of song based sound altogether to voyage ever deeper into unchartered sonic voids in their pursuit of exploring newfound micro worlds. However recently received broadcasts from afar hinted an imminent return of psych’s lost brothers with the unexpected appearance on a side sharing split with a place to bury strangers wherein they sublimely retooled the Stooges ‘I wanna be your dog’ into a savagely primal psych soaked head kick to the senses. And now ‘hidden fields’ – a new full length set shortly to emerge on the tapete imprint will find Lawrie and Co firmly back in the fold and resume taking up his place at top seat oft psych’s grand table. Here you’ll encounter the volcanic head trip ‘you know the way’ – a realties fracturing brooding storm of intent that veers into listening space like some second coming. While through hazily glazed twilight mists something stirs drawn upon a would be coalition between a stoned out and blissed flying saucer attack with cheval sombre emerges in the shape of ‘absence’. Pride of this short but oh so essential sound sampler the velveteen ‘the living things’ veers into ear space traced upon waves of feedback fog that suggest its ventured the distant sonic quadrants of once upon a time mapped by Lou and Co.  

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