this heel

‘this heel – this heel II (Small Bear)’. 

I’ll admit we lost sight of this heel’s debut EP from way back in January, buoyed by its reception it appears that Martin Mansonn Sjostrand wasn’t quite done with his extra curricula solo work having packed under his arm a whole heap of broken boogie he obviously felt a need to share. For those not quite so familiar Mr Sjostrand is found here moonlighting from his usual Dog, paper, submarine concern who some of you might recall featured amid these pages many moons ago. ‘this heel II’ is a crafted collection of lo-fi acoustic recordings with ‘mrs disaster’ proving to be the main event on initial listening, a lilting gem that amid its June Panic skirting has a curiously wistful whiff of the crooked mind set of a ‘the madcap laughs’ era Syd Barrett albeit seasoned in a homely hued lazy eyed lull of Neil Young’s ‘on the beach’. Also highly thought of in the affection stakes, the beaten around the edges hippy dippy strum freneticism of ‘magnus lives in a tree’ is kissed with the kind of wonky craft weaving of a youthful Elephant 6 Collective stylising though why we feel inclined, nay, compelled to start whistling the theme from 70’s children TV show Magpie is quite beyond us, that said admirers of Guided by Voices will find much to adore. Elsewhere there’s a pretty faithful cover of man or astro man’s ‘evert l pipkin’ that’s certain worth a stop by while the radiant power popped zap of the parting ‘cold outside’ is a kiss cool take on a Choir penned nugget which we must admit thus far has escaped our attention though rest assured we are now frantically researching.

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