‘Vukovar – new world order (small bear).   

Whether by design or simple happy accident, one thing that hasn’t escaped our attention is the subtle clue in the title, but there’s a krafty trick at work here in so much that this absolute gem of a release imagines an as were in an alternative parallel world / dream ticket meeting of Ian Curtis and that of the phoenix rising from the ashes post Joy Division isolationist pop gurus New Order. Marking the first of two releases from the Isle of Man based Small Bear imprint after what seems like an age of hibernatory silence, Vukovar finds the gathering of Bordellos, longdrone flowers and postcode types colluding on what may well be the finest 6 minutes of groove never written by the Bunnymen this year. ‘new world order’ is simply put, the great lost anthem from ‘power, corruption and lies’ right down to the simplistic but effectively memorable keys swirl, the low strung Hook’y bass growl and the killer cool as f sonorous world weary vocals – oh and not forgetting the youthful Go Team sound-a-like teen thrill trims littered liberally everywhere – be under no illusion – once heard never forgotten. The single proceeds the long awaited debut full length ‘Empire’.


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