les big byrd

‘les big byrd – Stockholm death star (a recordings)’. 

Okay I gather you are all well familiar with Les Big Byrd, they’ve only gone and released several well-heeled platters (according to our friendly record emporium retailer) in recent times, all of which I’m very much disappointed to say have somehow slipped beneath the critical ear of our radar. ‘Stockholm death star’ is their latest, signed to and issued by Anton Newcombe’s a recordings, the set features four cuts which had we judged on sleeve alone (incidentally featuring grimly psyched daubing / imagery) we’d have scarcely expected to hear the love noted bruiser ‘vapour r.i.p.’ or ‘I woke up in a dream’ – the former a murmur toned slice of dreamy introspection revealing a pure pop chemistry that’s lulled in swirling lysergic opiates all trip wired by a smoking bliss fused shimmering whilst the latter sumptuously framed upon a stratospheric cosmic cloud glide haloed in a hazily glazed tanginess. Lead track ‘stockholm death star’ is your heads down frazzled wah wah’s to go spaced out kraut kooled kosmedelic kruiser voyaging trajectories more commonly navigated by a playful less cranial messaging Mugstar while over on the flip side opening salvo ‘anywhere but here’ plugs in to channel the out of body grooves of the Beatles’ ‘tomorrow never knows’ before engaging thrust boosters to zero out at warp drive into the great cosmic heavens beyond very much traversing a trajectory once upon a time enacted on wax by Fly. https://soundcloud.com/les-big-byrd-official/i-woke-up-in-a-dream-1



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