musical interlude…..(return of) 13…..

‘musical interlude……(the return of) 13…’

Stumbled across this on a brief wander down the off road dusty pathways of the internet, apparently as yet it hasn’t been given a release (ever). premiered in ’72 ‘children shouldn’t play with dead things’ was a low budget comic horror fright wig directed by Bob Clark, but it’s not really that with which you should be concerning yourselves, the little known soundtrack that accompanied it was composed by Carl Zittrer who would go on to complete the soundscapes on Clark’s next horror ‘black christmas’. ‘children shouldn’t play with dead things’ is a curiously kooky listening experience, a perfect example of the kind of experimental electronics at play at the time, elements of Bebe and Louis Barron are immediately obvious as are the skittish Radiophonic noodles, but scratch a little deeper and there’s some pure gothic Hammer moments chilling the grooves as well as the out there oddness of White Noise –

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