red house glory

‘red house glory – so easy’.

Just so all over this, one of those rare releases that comes along ever so often whereby hooks, melody, chops and vibe collude to coalesce perfectly to mainline directly into your headspace. Now the press release makes a big hoo-hah alluding to Interpol references – well indeed that may well be all fine and dandy but we here are picking up vibes from a similar era transmitting from lost and forgotten backwaters where once 50hz oh so briefly shone. This young folks is the blistering new and imminent platter from the highly thought of Red House Glory entitled ‘so easy’ from an EP ‘heart of gold’, a slam dunking hot wiring slab of progressive grunge gouged anthem groove that hints of Nirvana traces in its DNA and hones them onto a thunderously turbulent epic widescreen setting that crystallises with the kind acutely mercurial song crafting much recalling a youthful Pure Reason Revolution.

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