‘Antelopes – it’s you (blak hand records).’

Very much tipping all the boxes around our gaff not least because each and every time it comes into earshot it has this indelible knack of bathing our listening space it strange day-glo haloes. The Antelopes hail from Liverpool and do an incurably infectious infusing of teen thrilled tingle power pop that hasn’t quite made up its mind as to whether or not it wants to be the Raspberries or the Ramones and somewhere along the line has turned up as the Pooh Sticks. ‘it’s you’ hooks you in in such an instant that you are left feeling the blighter ought to come pre packed with jabs and a health warning as its lo-fi loveliness effervescently swoons about your headspace causing lovelorn rashes in part down to its frenetic action packed Spector-esque shh-bop. And just when you think it’s safe to pick yourself off the floor ‘girl’ comes swanning in bubble grooved upon tangy 50’s styled pastiches leaving the parting ‘got to know’ to sweep up the remaining pieces clearly with a Jan and Dean itch about its wares albeit zapped with a guided by voices impishness.

It's You cover art

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