alrealon musique little radio mix

‘Alrealon Musique – little water radio mix’. 

Been meaning to feature this for ages but for a series of mishaps, spots of head turning and a general lack of time we’ve been thus far unable, until that is, now. Now we’ve been dipping in and out of this quite regularly these last few weeks and just when we found the time and freed ourselves of all distractions we press play at the blighter wouldn’t kick into life. Several attempts and we were off on a mammoth journey, a two hours journey to be precise, to venture across the outlying sonic rings of sound, to a place where drone, ambience, psychotropia and industrial dub fuse and meld to form new musical species’ and in to the bargain offering a shop window peek into the labels considerable aural armoury. Okay let’s get the grumbles out of the way first, nothing massive in reality just a little difficult navigating your way through what is an epic montage, no handy track cues which means you are committed to listen in real time so no skipping along at the boring bits which I’m happily to say, I’ll hasten to add, there are none, but then it does pose a slight issue in so much as one misjudged break or lapse and you could be backtracking fast towards mistaken sonic points. That said a magnificent that blends the ethereal with the elegiac, the classicist with the freeform. Amid this set a 25 track cocktail that includes cameos by John Carpenter, Coil, Boards of Canada and the dearly departed blues man Robert Pete Williams from therein a journey into pop’s outlands opening with the trippy senses dissolving last moments as you pass through the physical to spiritual veil of Pas Musique’s ‘inside the spectrum’ – who incidentally feature again with ‘telepathic rain dance’ which if hands were forced behind back and forced to choose would edge matters in the affection stakes not least because it somewhat flirts with the dream weaving psych fractures of a youthful Echoboy. Featuring a guest appearance by Utu Lautturi, Rasplyn’s ‘among the stars’ occupies a spectral sound space somewhere between dream and reality couched upon the shadowlands of ghost light realms, its ancient tongue daubed in ethereal contours possessed of the spectral classicism of dead can dance. John 3:16 on the other hand continues his brooding and foreboding widescreen end of days biblical incantations to swallow dive into the ghost light wilderness of wizards tell lies via ‘towards the wide sea’ whilst a little later re-appears again with the storm advancing ‘God’s holy fire’ and sounding not so dissimilar to some last stand convening summit meeting gathering together Roy Montgomery and Yellow6. Jan Swinburne’s ‘consensual enigmas’ sets its dials for the minimalist underbelly of flying saucer attack while somewhere else [owt kri] continues to mine the finite open fault lines in the sonic architectures of both Bruce Russell and Anla Curtis while had we not known any better we’d have said Broken Keys’ ‘road to ether-nity’ was a consortium of invaders of the heart and wagon Christ types concocting a foretelling and foreboding dark wind to channel desert dry wastelands. Elsewhere there’s some neatly hypnotically amorphous Australasian ju-ju courtesy of blue sausage infant’s ‘afflicted by the wind disease’ while the apocryphal ‘angels pt  2’ by fluid is steeled in the blissfully ethereal monastic choral weep of slo-mo showers of the white hot embers of fallen archangels. Fluid appears again a little later on paired up with ARU eking out subtronic lunar mood musique. Whilst steeled in the void edginess of the aural outlands, technoid communications and artificial intelligence pulsars bleakly populate the micro sound worlds of the mNIPK palette while we must admit something of a warping fondness for the jazzfakers zonked out and freeform fried skronk nugget ‘weise horn’, the impish dreaming up of a super group pitting together this heat, albert ayler and henry cow that quite frankly wouldn’t look to out of place on the much admired foolproof projects imprint. Black saturn’s face off with subudxtion on ‘conquering echo’ is we think an old release from way back in the day when Alrealon Musique was still but a babe in arms – the dream drift dub mosaics still sound stunning, atmospheric and very much tuned into frequencies imagining some hitherto stand-off between BillLaswell and Depth Charge. Alternatively black saturn’s ‘victory’ offers dystopian nightmares that are scalped in Burroughs-esque paranoia that serve to blot and gouge out distinctly edgy and claustrophobic landscapes to imagine Public Enemy entering as were, the frazzled and frightening lair of element. I guess the clue is in the title of Fat Kneel’s ‘touch tone meditation’ for here comes a smoking nocturnal noir vapour spray so chilled and woozy that had it appeared on the semi legendary touch tones or tummy touch imprints we’d have scarcely battered an eyelid that is after a spot of momentary swooning. the inscrutably funkily jazzed out refit of DJ Phys’‘bury mx dxxp in lovx’ by Fluid – has something of a Roni Size glazing about its wares while those among you preferring a little jazz noir in the style of Miles meets Bablicon might be minded to seek out Rapoon’s ‘je veux d’l’amour’ for some spaced out uber chilled grooving. No matter how many times I visit the use’s ‘ripe’ there’s still that sense of impish glee ruminating about its grooves suggesting some cosmic afro-beat finale to some strangely warping Spaghetti western gunfight finale.

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