souvlaki reheated – an Italian tribute to Slowdive

‘Souvlaki reheated – an Italian tribute to Slowdive’ (seashell)’.

I’m suspecting we’ll be revisiting this at some point in the very near future and suggest that you to take up chance to download for free a quite sublime compilation put together by the Italian imprint SeaShell by way of a homage to Slowdive. Of course you don’t need me to tell you that ‘Souvlaki’ is one of the foundation stones of dream pop, here 10 of the finest underground artists you’ve probably yet to encounter gather to celebrate this titan of bliss fused elegance. Due to time constraints we’ve dived (no pun intended) in at the shallow end to sample both the Antartica and the Novanta re-appraisals. The former beautifully re-align ‘when the sun hits’ – a must hear treat for those all too familiar with the spectral salvos emanating these days with regular frequency from the Hidden Shoal imprint, this tear stained opus comes sighed in swathes of celestial chorals majestically murmured and frost framed into a gloriously as dawn breaks serene ice sculptured astral glide. Opting to navigate their way around ’40 days’, Novanta relocate the original dream draped blueprint to the dark side of some hitherto distant galactic outpost whereupon from long since abandoned messaging masts lovelorn distress calls transmit before being blurred and lost in the dissipating drizzle of of solar skree flares – quite blissful if you ask me.

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