the parrots

‘the parrots – I’m not alone (burger / luv luv luv / sonido).’ 

Been bouncing this around in tandem with the aforementioned magic potion release, this is frankly the dogs danders and I don’t mind saying is right this minute doing bad things on the player. Something of a tri-label outing between sonido / luv luv luv and burger – the latter taking care of a cassette version with the other two pressing this nugget up on 10 inch slabs of wax. ‘I’m not alone’ comes culled from an EP entitled ‘weed for parrots’ and arrives draped in an ear candy seasoning of twang drilled grooviness that on first hearing had us reaching for our Violent Femmes and Meteors platters for a fond revisit, yet scratch a little deeper and hints of a glam glazed 50’s bubble grooving comes rising to the top, that said we’re now searching long and hard for our prized Turbines treats for closer comparison. Incidentally the dogs danders.    

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