ultimate painting

‘ultimate painting – break the chain (Trouble in Mind).’

 Having scarcely just bade farewell to the last track thinking it was the best thing we’ve heard since the record before, along comes another to duff up our over excited heart strings in what’s now becoming not so much a record of the day affair but a track of the hour. In truth we’ve cried, laughed, had a moment of thoughtful reflection and then cried again amid the duration of this. A new thing from the ridiculously hip Trouble in Mind imprint, this is Ultimate Painting – duo James and Jack variously of Veronica Falls and the Mazes with ‘break the chain’ a single taster heralding a forthcoming summer scheduled full length ‘green lanes’ of which the press release hints is a mid-way point between Floyd’s ‘meddle’ and blur’s ‘modern life is rubbish’. Wise words indeed for hints of the Small Faces and the Zombies are duly peppered in this wood crafted pastoral carousel of English eccentricity all indelibly rubbed in reflective hues that mourn as were fading memories of late 60’s summers whilst sighed in the redeeming radiance of honeyed harmonies crooned around support group campfire meetings and smoked delicately in the demurring glow of XTC mirages, emotionally unravelling I should hasten to add leaving scarcely a dry eye in the house. https://soundcloud.com/troubleinmind/ultimate-painting-break-the-chain/  

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