‘Octopuses – pogo (lick music)’. 

More returning souls to these pages, this is the space sharing salvo from the clearly bonkers Octopuses with their split offering ‘pogo’ – these dudes feature various Foxes types and have a habit of cooking up crookedly kooky midget pop gems that wire themselves into your headspace whether you want them or not, and which once there set up home and start partying at ungodly hours with the disturbing side effect of having you whistle distractively as you walk the streets in waking hours. ‘pogo’ is your typically happy go lucky slice of impish fun pop which ape-ishly shuffles to a rock steady / ska groove once upon a time the trademark tuneage of a certain Madness had they of course held both talking heads and a ‘country house’ era Blur in a studio hostage siege by water pistol while all metered out to a ridiculously acute hook heavy harmony hued preposterous palette that you’ll find hard pushed to walk away from. Did we mention the video features superhero costumes – very worrying.  



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