the parrots

‘the parrots – to the people that showed me their love I was here (burger /luv luv luv / sonido muchado)’. 

More returning featurettes from earlier in the week (see ) – we really do spoil you don’t we. Another teaser cut from that previously mention tri-label release by the Parrots entitled ‘weed for the parrots’ this is the rather cumbersomely titled ‘to the people that showed me their love while I was there’ – not surprised its coming pressed on 10 inch of wax as opposed to 7 inches as the blighters would have trouble fitting the title on the label. But wilful sarcasm abound this is a pretty nifty nugget whose slow seductive spidery twangs and shadowy 60’s shimmering hints and harks back to an era where pop charts where occasioned and populated by the likes of the Troggs with this spectral glazed lazy eyed bliss cradled babe sounding as though it’s just smoked itself off a lost Tarantino film score.

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