magic bus

‘magic bus – seven wonders’ 

Now I don’t mind admitting to being a tad let down and slightly upset at being overlooked (again – hello Schnauser) when it comes to bands we love and have had cause to feature too much adoration in previous despatches starting to roll out review copies of new releases. We feel vexed – nay – wounded that as yet we haven’t heard the latest full length platter from Magic Bus incidentally entitled ‘transmission from socmore’s garden’ – we even considered, in moments of darkening thought, the whittling out of dolls in their individual likenesses forged from disused cigarette papers, bubble wrap and hot chocolate (something which of late we’ve grown rather accustomed to drinking by the vat load – thought I’d share that with you hell knows why it’s not as if we are being paid by the word [or paid at all as I come to think of it]). Anyway grudges and grumbles aside – we like to think we are better than that – and so with that in mind we trekked off in search for tasters and happened upon this little gem. This is ‘seven wonders’ from the aforementioned full length set and finds the Magic Bus types ploughing the kind of blissfully hazy psych folk arcadia lying somewhere between the more mellowing mosaics crafted out by a chemically free spirited Cranium Pie and the super chilled passages found peppering the back catalogue of a sun worshipping Chemistry Set though which midway through transforms and shifts perspective midway through to resurface anew draped in a most beguiling and beautified floral magicalia.


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