‘pokal – fancy lights’. 

Absolutely no information on this lot except to say I think I’m right in saying they are from Sweden and go by the name Pokal. I’m assuming ‘fancy lights’ is a single boasting a catalogue number arr10 yet for all our attempts to muster up any information it has so far returned diddly. A damn fine thing it is to that had someone told me it was the result of some secret recording liaison between a Vince Clarke in situ Depeche Mode and B-Movie from that golden year of 1981/2 or thereabouts, I’d have wholeheartedly believed, not least because its possessed of the pairs rare pop alchemy, the formers acute ability to turn in immediately infectious ear candy hooks moulded to the latter’s sense of the quietly brooding and epically shadowy. Add to that ‘fancy lights’ brings with it a kind of glacial retro electro shininess that’s carbon dated to the era albeit here dinked and rehoused as were by some neat restoration rubbing by a much missed Birdpen.  https://soundcloud.com/pokal/fancy-lights  

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