tropical trash

‘tropical trash – UFO rot (riot season)’.

This would you believe, is one of the most ‘pop’ tracks to be found on the debuting long player platter from Tropical Trash. At least it’s not trying to pummel your head space into the back of next week and more tellingly at least it adheres to a very loose notion of verse chorus verse even if it’s qualification does require a very imaginatively liberal defining of the principle. Tropical Trash you suspect do not do subtle, ‘UFO rot’ is curtly cut in bracing agit shock, discordant hard core no wave that just howls disdain whilst coming up fast on Ministry’s ‘Jesus built my hotrod’ with both shellac and fugazi serving as their tag team in the pits, punishing anti pop a-go. That said we’ve been thumbing quickly through the track list prepping for a full review later in a few days and found ourselves stumbling upon the monolithic 9 minute black hearted beast ‘knowing’ whose impenetrable doom drizzled hard shell had us in mind of Earth albeit on speed for the best part of its gestation before tensely erupting in showers of simmering scowls of scab forming blistered nonchalance. Out on limited slabs of vinyl incidentally. .  

 UFO Rot cover art

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