william d drake

‘William D Drake – distant buzzing (onomatopoeia)’. 

Had you firmly filed in your mind’s eye an image of William D Drake based purely on what you’d heard crookedly eking its Victoriana merriment upon your stereophonic player, then I’m fairly certain such an imagined portrait would resemble something scatty and wizardy much like, say, Cat Weasel replete with pointy wand and a medicine bag full of strange workshop curios. Truth is he’s an ordinary Joe who to his credit has worlds of enchantment and tales of bewitchment ruminating amid his psychedelic headspace which in all the hoorah and said merriment have an occasional knack of slipping their moorings to escape their strangely surreal environs to propagate their peculiar essences upon us mere normal as be the case with ‘distant buzzing’ – the opening track from Mr Drake’s frankly fried and freakish musical carousel ‘revere reach’. With the spirit of Vivian the Stanshall atop his shoulder, Drake and his troupe set sail for tempestuous waters where drama, danger and the prize come and go with fleeting ahoy to arrangements that rise, rage and rove amid the chiming reverie of wheezing arcane keys, toy store instruments and a bonkers Sunday afternoon bandstand bravado that’s so eloquently spoketh in tongues daubed in English eccentricity. How quaint.



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