‘Gospel – ain’t gonna let you in’. 

Seductive nocturnal groove best served peering through the shadow falls of a lights lowered environ. Third single from Gospel (you might recall us casting fond appreciative glances in the general direction of their debuting ‘disasters running wild’) the airless and amorphous ‘ain’t gonna let you in’ is sumptuously draped in the deeply intoxicating smother of a purring spectral sculpturing that’s traced in the noir ghost light of softly caressed panoramic dubtronica motifs kissed with oriental mirages and the whisper toning of ethereal halos beneath it all a bruised reveal sighs in contemplative detachment, quite a becoming and beautifully frail delight. https://soundcloud.com/gospel-band/aint-gonna-let-you-in-1/s-eMmj2


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