jinja safari

‘Jinja Safari – find my way (rare finds).’ 

Okay a little word of warning with this one. Should you be prone to having – shall we say – raging boils and hissy fits each and every time a Fleetwood Mac track rears into ear shot, notably ‘everywhere’ – then I suggest you skip this one for there are times throughout and often at that, when we had occasion to burst into said song – purely an in-voluntary act you understand – nevertheless a tad worrying. That said ‘find my way’ by Aussie indie-sters Jinja Safari is possessed of enough pop smarts as to have your tapping feet dancing off into oblivion and beyond. Shrouded in sheens of effervescent radiance and lushly soaked and sauntered in all manner of tropicalia, this crooning calypso delight happily trips along spreading feel good warmth whilst peppering the listening space in a most becoming carnival of south sea breezed affection, kinda does it for us. https://soundcloud.com/jinjasafari/find-my-way/s-riTUY

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