lilies on mars

‘lilies on Mars – dancing star (lady sometimes)’. 

Last found voyaging our way following the demurring delight that was ‘dot to dot’ via the ever adored shoegaze sound bunker that is Saint Marie imprint from which the track ‘dream of bees’ had us somewhat entranced and fondly imagining a cosmic refuelling point where both a youthful Broadcast and Stereolab could be viewed swapping fan notes. Latest lunar visitation finds Lilies of Mars’ cosmic trajectory on course to pass through our sound world shortly, its cosmic comet (a Autumn scheduled full length ‘Ago’) heralded by the scouting satellite ‘dancing star’. A fondly misty eyed recall of an era obsessed with hopes of a futuristic space age, a time where electronic pops wide eyed experimental innocence was still taking its first infant steps, ‘dancing star’ manages to transmit from a point simultaneously out of time and space both looking backwards and forwards. Unquestionably a distant relation to the Meek produced Tornados curio ‘telstar’ albeit as though re-tweaked through a Silver Apples viewfinder and then melodically cooled by Uma,  the sighing pulsar thrust powered ‘dancing star’ is a blissfully kissed slice of cruise controlling kosmiche uber pop sending forth love notes from an unspecified solar outpost through the galactic slipstreams on vapour trailing ice cream vans.  

lilies on mars - press

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