((pressures)) / roladex

‘((pressures)) / roladex – split (medical records)’. 

Not strictly speaking out for a few months, but best pre order to save disappointed as I suspect this will / and should fly off the racks in nanoseconds when it arrives. Released in conjunction with Disko Obscura (and Medical Records) this split 7 inch release (on translucent yellow wax no less) features LA based ((pressures)) on one side with roladex of seattle occupying the other. The former mentioned turn in ‘the voices’ – a hyper driving slab of cruise controlling ice pop that had us here imagining a particularly thawed Client lost amid the shadowy electro groove  of a ‘nightmares’ era A Flock of Seagulls whilst shimmer glazed in all manner of motorik kosmiche pulsars. As to Roladex, they come serviced by the cold waving minimalist electro seduction of ‘glass statuette’ – this beauty very much channels the same pristine glacial pop acuteness as was once the trademark sound of Sophie and Peter Johnston albeit treated to a rather fetching and dare I say demurring dark wave makeover. http://medicalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/split-7-mr-030

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