the orb

the Orb – moonbuilding 2703AD (Kompakt).’

Return of psychedelic architects the Orb finds sonic cosmonauts Paterson and Fehlmann passing through our sound constellations with the deeply immersive cosmic grooved ‘moonbuilding 2703 AD’ for Kompakt. Must admit that our ears have been a pricked by the head tripping mind toning mirages within of which on initial listens, opener ‘God’s mirrorball’ has caught our earlobes. Initially sounding like a stray unused sound-scape edit for D Adams’ original ‘hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ radio series, the Orb’y ones soon jettison rocket boosters and engage the settings for maximum bliss out to take your brain space on a full on cerebral tweaking auditory massage. A master class in precision sound engineering, the Orb guide the listener on a shape shifting mind morphing lysergic 15 minute odyssey, a sonic swampland  where tonalities are slick and soupy, a place where realities blur and the physical and the dream like interweave into a mesmeric and gloopy lunar stew. Damn fine if you ask me. Full review here soon.

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