‘enest – light and clear 

I couldn’t even begin to describe or give indication as to why I’m a tad taken with this for it works on so many different levels, a gloriously magical odyssey that fills you with vividly colourful euphoric rushes and something which within its finite sub four minute framing manages to freewheel seductively between jazz, noir, lounge, folk and of course classical disciplines with such aplomb and ease that its beyond bewildering. Add to this a sense of the mystique and the elegiac not least brought to bear by the sweeping string arrangements that buoy and carry aloft this siren-esque visitation as it ushers in, sprinkling all in its path with love rupturing fairy dust. For those uninitiated Enest is the nom de plume of one Shimrit Nativ and ‘light and clear’ comes prized from a forthcoming full length entitled ‘my silent past’ – perfect for those attuned to the work of Rasplyn.



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