kuki and the bard

‘kuki and the bard – dalai lama (RAK)’. 

Must admit to being somewhat distracted and absolutely smitten by this two track gem. Part of an apparent singles club series from RAK (and yes they come adorned with the classic label design) whose previous releases we really must check if this little delight is a trademark exhibit of what to expect. This is Kuki and the Bard, a brother and sister duo (Kuki and Isambard in case you are frantically taking notes) with their debuting release just ahead of prestigious Glastonbury slots. ‘Dalai Lama’ is impossibly cute and flighty, set to a lolloping and breezy sun shaded reggae motif traced with subtle sitar sighs, this upbeat honey radiates joyfully with something of a Knife styled kookiness about its wares. That said the secret weapon here is to be found on the flip side for here lies a superb re-treatment of Duncan Browne’s lost nugget ‘journey’ – softly surrendered upon a dreamy seafaring lilt and lovingly caressed and teased upon an enchanting pastoral bedding this blighter almost brought a fond tear to my eye as it crashed through the normally well maintained emotional fortresses to tug heavily upon our heart strings.  https://soundcloud.com/rakstudios/sets/kuki-and-the-bard  

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