less than worse

‘less than worse – Vladimir’s Putin his dress on’.

Who said we can’t be topical, on the day when Putin revealed his latest list of minsters and leaders barred from entering mother Russia – a notable one being – if I recall rightly – an ex foreign office minister who hasn’t held the position in 2 years and currently has no portfolio to speak of. It’s an issue that’s rankled the broadsheets with Radio 4 noting that some ministers have laughingly come to look upon the exclusion as a badge of honour. And so up to the plate step Less than Worse whose ‘Vladimir’s Putin his dress on’ – a taster incidentally culled from a forthcoming ‘Iain Hunter’s chip shop riot’ set – mightn’t earn them Soviet kudos but does at least feature what’s sure to be one of the all time rock lyric bites ‘homophobia – shove it up your arse’. Blending skittish music hall, alt funk and new wave ‘Vladimir’s Putin his dress on’ is a sarcastic sneer at Russia’s intolerable anti gay stance, this beauty comes hitched upon the kind of wise cracked bitchin’ brew of savvy ear candy fused with political / poetic rhetoric that could easily find a place on the Blockheads immortal ‘New Boots and Panties’ album without looking none to out of place a fact rammed home by the fact that upon hearing first time you are found doing a quick double take to make sure it isn’t Mr Dury waxing lyrical from the fore. https://soundcloud.com/less-than-worse/vladimirs-putin-his-dress-on

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