the vickers

‘The Vickers – love you to’. 

Think I’ve gone on record before in saying I’m not massive on the Beatles, I have moments (in my life – there you go a little Fab Four funny) where I’m either positioned either end of the  polar opposites between loathing and loving, currently at the former where I’ve been stuck for over a decade. Still that said ‘Revolver’ has rarely been out of ear shot, these days heralded as the Beatles at the height of their powers and rightly so given it features some of the eras defining sonic signposts one such being ‘love you to’ which now finds itself super psychedelicised by the Vickers on a new imminent 7 inch. Left in the hands of these dudes, the original chassis comes refitted with hulking hyper driving jet thrusters, an absolute dandy it should be said rephrasing the originals swarthy mystique into a kosmiche hyper dream replete with soaring stratospheric vapour trailing dissipates for what can only be described as an absolute mind f**k. All said though our preferred choice is over on the flip side wherein you’ll find looming large ‘see me jumping on the stars’ – this cosmic bad boy comes framed in all manner of woozy trip-a-delics and shade adorned lysergic cool kissed with a tangy hallucinogenic afterburn that in truth isn’t a million miles removed from the blissier moments found on the Walking Seeds head mushrooming ‘bad orb…..whirling ball’ set.    



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