‘tau – huey tonantzin (madre tierra) (fuzz club)’. 

Alas we can’t provide sound samples just yet but rest assured this bad ‘un is punching all the boxes. ‘huey tonantzin’ comes ripped from a forthcoming EP set entitled ‘Wirakuta’ by Tau who are a freewheeling fluid psych collective headed up by Dead Skeleton Shaun Nunutzi which features, at least on this release, various members of moon duo, the pussywarmers, kadavar and the Soft Moon. This colossal titan comes ghosted upon what sounds like a desert dust swirling storm howled crusade charging deep into the mystical eye, a monolithic head tripping medicine bag concocted of a nature’s forces harnessing ju-ju informed by forgotten ways and lost tongues whilst draped and dripped in spiritual essences and echoes as old as the sands themselves.  

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