I think we are spell error free on this one – fingers crossed – following us inadvertently changing the name of the band mentioned in the previous review from a harmless name into a rude expression of Portuguese disgust, of course we jest but I do feel Fanfano has a kind of ‘all for one gusto’ about it as opposed to fanfanu which, be honest now, sounds like a name you’d give to one of those annoyingly precious midget Japanese dogs……I digress……

‘carw – elevate (recordiau blinc).’

I’ll admit that it disappoints me no end that we seldom get any Welsh labels coming our way, so you can imagine ears were primed and typing digits were at the ready when this little cutie came breezily shimmering our way. Out shortly on the recordiau blinc imprint, a new EP from Violas’ Owain Griffiths entitled ‘les soeurs’ has been the subject of admiring glances around the gaff with lead out track ’elevate’ making the early advances. Laying gorgeously demurring earworms in your headspace, ‘elevate’ comes pressed upon dream drifting flotillas of solar seafaring Balearic braids that coalesce to exact a sweetly spectral and serenely sighing bliss kissed haze upon your listening space which just when your idly surrendered to its calming charms it sneaks upon you leaving lazy eyed love notes in your back pocket – reference wise – file somewhere between dream popper Manual and former Kenicke space cadet J Xaverre.


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