flying saucer attack

flying saucer attack – instrumental 7 (domino)’.

Be honest, you never saw this coming did you. After a long hibernation Dave Pearce re-commission’s his Flying Saucer Attack alter ego with his first album in 15 years. The guitar based ‘instrumentals 2015’ is a collection of home recordings to tape and CD-r of serene sonic suites from which ‘instrumental No.7’ has been sent on ahead on a scouting mission to serve as a teaser of what to expect. This porcelain portrait finds Pearce in thoughtful mood, nods to Yellow6 and Wil Bolton along the way, ‘instrumental no 7’ is both mournful and mesmeric, comprised of an overcastting of shimmering reverb orbs beneath which navigates ghostly dust drift apparitions opining their head bowed and solemn reflection born of fading memories whilst orchestrating funereal etudes from the very fabric of nature’s moods.


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