android 80

‘Android 80 – violated (freaksville)’.

New set (‘the awakening of operative 13’) due to dock in earth orbit shortly via the ever engaging Freaksville imprint, Android 80 is the nom de plume of one Brian Carney who according to the liner notes was once synth bod in the psychedelic combo poisoned electrick head who I must admit our usually well heeled radar must have somehow failed to pick up. Blending the future world imagery, no doubt inspired by both Philip K Dick and JG Ballard, with a vintage electronique framing that all once hints of the shadowy macabre of the Human League’s ‘circus of death’, the clinical euro-pop chic of Visage and the brooding noir-tronics of b-movie, ‘violated’ though sounding retro still manages to sonically appear as though it’s posited on some future outpost waiting for time to catch up, a fleeting Foxx-ian visitation star gazed in loop grooved sepia silvered fairground motifs etched in bleak ‘blade runner’ styled dystopia whose nearest bedfellow, it should be said, is would you believe, the more electronic daubed grooves of a certain AB Leonard.

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