eurnovision 2015

‘EurNoVision 2015 – sampler (soft bodies)’.


A word of warning – we will be featuring this in much greater detail in a few days, once that is, we’ve gotten through all the urgent to do’s that have managed to build up around here since we went all dark and off radar. This superb compilation is being put out by Soft Bodies – the perfect antidote to Eurovision naffness, vote rigging and nations in fighting not to mention featuring sounds that, okay arguably, may find their roots in late 70’s no wave and 90’s abstraction, but which at least sound more current and up to the mark not to mention forward thinking than the safe chocolate box smaltz that rots the core of pops out dated musical equivalent of ‘it’s a knockout’ – not quite sure what the lemon graphics are about but leading the flag for England are Cleaners from Venus which by our reckoning is more than worthy of the entrance fee alone.   


<p><a href=”″>EurNoVision 2015 Trailer</a> from <a href=””>EurNoVision</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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