last days of april

‘last days of april – someone for everyone (tapete).’

 Just out via the admired Tapete imprint and culled from their ‘Sea of Clouds’ full length, here’s a spot bandages to wounds resulting from the battle lines and fall-out suffered at the hands of the game of love going by the name ‘someone for everyone’. Indeed we here are well versed in its unforgiving arts these days preferring to keep our emotions locked away in the deep freezer just next to the chicken nuggets, sausage in batter, garden peas and various other inedible horrors that appear to be taking up space in the bowels of this rarely visited upon ice mausoleum. Ah well, where were we, oh yea Last Days of April, headed up by one Karl Larsson, this sprightly little pop plaster breezily swoons in on an warming feel good vibe flanked by the sound of sun tanned crystalline chord chimes and the hazily lazy bliss tones of sliding riffola to emerge fully formed, perfectly pop purred and cradled in murmurs of hope and healing like something one might suspect had been hoodwinked from a George Harrison notebook by the World Party. Any questions at the back?


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