mbongwana star

‘mbongwana star – kala (world circuit)’. 

I won’t deny in admitting that we have been totally smitten by this nugget, so much so have we been obsessed and taken by it that their album ‘from kinshasa’ has scarcely been off our spotify player in recent weeks featuring as it does a guest collaboration with the mighty Konono No 1. Without doubt one of the best and most forward sounding sets we’ve heard the year thus far with ‘Kala’ heading up matters in the affection stakes – a multi faceted genre b(l)ending mutant melting pot that fuses an intoxicative native afrobeat rhythm into a hybrid patchwork informed of psychedelic tongues all gouged in the street wise funk savvy of an early 80’s New York sound scene and fried to a deeply alluring afro-tronic pulsar to be wrapped in a head expanding cosmic mesh, in short – off the radar.


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