northern plastics

‘northern plastics – someone else’s  memories’. 

Sometimes haunting, occasionally macabre, Northern Plastics ‘someone else’s memories’ is a fragmented trip into the headspace in sleep mode, for the best part a disjointed and often disconnected journey populated and punctuated by brief intermissions or rather more best described as sonic cul de sacs that relay a shadowy often barbed pathway into the sinister and surreal, it’s a disorientating affair pierced by moments of bliss as on ‘flutter’ contrasted solemnly by pensive periods of detachment as on ‘destruction’ and the cold shrill grip of ‘doorway to darkness’. That said the moments of oddness are outweighed by the dreamy interludes with ‘solar roadway’ doing as it says on the tin while ‘you’re not her’ is perhaps responsible for taking up the mantle for being the sets most serenely lulling passage with the set coalescing perfectly with the parting and dare I say aptly titled ‘home’ guided back from dreamland to grim reality.

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