the classical

‘the classical – shovel and bevel (time sensitive records)’.


Another release responsible for causing a fair amount of damage in our gaff since passing our way earlier today is a forthcoming set entitled ‘diptych’  from San Francisco based duo the Classical from which ‘shovel and bevel’ has been hoisted to serve as a teaser taste of what to expect. Impossible to categorize with any ease, as much a pleasure as it is perplexing and certainly something that’ll split the ranks between those who’ll love it and those who’ll loathe it and dare I say a track that should find fans among those whose usual turntable treats appear to orbit around the likes of dEUS and quite frankly anything brushed by the genius that is Ruby Trouve. ‘shovel and bevel’ comes adorned in acutely ad hoc time signatures of the type that hint of an impish curtsy to a jazz understanding, its push pull dynamic teasingly giving away to a mutant and minimalist curve ball that draws upon a curious fracturing no wave – art rock – post punk lineage that pokes and purrs in equal measure to almost instil a feeling of being against the ropes trying desperately to shuffle away from a jabbing combination of a would be opponent forever leaving you on the back foot as it discards any notions of an easy listening happy clappy verse chorus verse sing-a-long. Instead what you get is something brutally intense, wired and traced with a scarring detail of neo classical frenz.  



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