biscuit mouth

‘biscuit mouth – that’s some cool change sonny, for sure (self released)’.

More brain damaging gouged groove from our favourite Derby based barn pots Biscuit Mouth whose undoubted fondness for all things Jesus-y Lizard and Shallac-y literally tears itself from this nugget to poke you incessantly in the eye (the left one I believe). Last here to worry our sound system sometimes last year when they dropped the frankly feral and fractured bludgeoned blues treat ‘roll into the dancer’ our way with promises of an album to follow – which alas we never heard – enquiries in gruff tones are being made as we write this. Anyway communication cock ups aside ‘that’s some cool change sonny, for sure’ is your potent 140 second slab of wired out mutant mathian discordant boog-a-loo freak formed amid shards of stuttering white out hysteria and scavenged upon a scalding sonic head butt that to these ears imagines some brutal face off between that fucking tank and a very young shit and shine.


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