a seance at Syd’s……

As this is a kind of extended FdM catch up special type thing and bearing in mind the close friendship and overlaps  between the two labels, it seems a little fitting to squeeze in a brief review of this baby – which I promise we will revisit in a few days time for a closer inspection not least since they sent over the new Beautify Junkyards album – which I must say was one of the reasons that encouraged – nay prompted us – to emerge from our recent hibernation (‘rainbow garland’ featured here and culled from the new set is one of the highlights here all haloed in softly sculptured spectrals and much freewheeling the airless cosmicalia of a very youthfully forlorn Teardrop Explodes. Like FdM, the Mega Dodo imprint has held a similar soft spot in terms of our listening loves these last few years, a new compilation – and a special release at that, comes as a limited 100 only issue, entitled ‘A Séance at Syd’s’ – this two CD compilation comes housed inside 8×8 inch 286 page hardback book of the same name by author / critic Dave Thompson of Goldmine fame (more details about the book when we re-pick up the baton in a few days time). As to the compilation, tracks old and new, exclusive and lost, numbering 40 (discounting the additional downloads you get as part of the package) featuring a wealth of artists familiar and unfamiliar many of whom we’ve covered in these very pages to much adoration (hello Schizo Fun Addict, the Bordellos, the luck of eden hall, sendelica, Emily jones, blue giant zeta puppies, drew Mulholland – indeed yes that chap of mount Vernon arts lab fame, palace of swords and many more besides). However for now and by way of a brief introduction to get your interests and listening ear into gear we’ve centred our radar on just three tracks one off which being by the aforementioned the Bordellos. Now we’ve already loosely mentioned the Teardops – a band whom I know Brian of the Bordellos is much fond of and indeed the reason I mention this as an opening ambit is because ‘loneliness of the late night shopper’ strays ever so delicately into youthful Cope territories, yet scratch away and upon a few repeat listens and it’s the minimalist sparse tug of the Wild Swans dallying with Care that comes to the fore to emerge resplendently through the hopeless and empty unrequited ache. ‘forgive me but I love her’ – another track that tweaked our ever attentive earlobes this coming courtesy of the excellently named black psychiatric orchestra who I’m fairly certain haven’t has yet bothered these pages but will very frequently in the coming months if this nugget is anything to judge by, a slow roving glam grizzled beauty that almost assumes a smoking hymnal/ spiritual gracefulness as it reclines porch side mullered on moonshine, in short try imagining the simple kid mooning as Bolan and reframing the TRexian boogie onto the setting for ‘paint your wagon’ – a damn fine chest thumping anthem by our reckoning albeit chest thumping in a totally wasted manner and frantically boisterous you understand. No prizes for guessing why we chose Grandpa Egg as our third choice, was it the kooky name I hear you cry or the fact you’d never heard of them / him or did you point a stick at the tracklisting whilst blindfolded – all would have been worthy responses under normally abnormal circumstances – but I’m going to have to own up and say its merit alone was the actual track – entitled ‘compound eyes’ there’s a becoming strangeness radiating from its core as it quivers and shimmers to dip below your radar with acute deftness honeyed and buoyed by a crystalline progressive folk nonchalance that’s all at once  ghostly, spectral, magical and not to say apparition like draped as it is in free flowing floral garlands as it impishly cuts in ever so delicately into sonic worlds associated with Donovan and Nick Nicely.  https://megadodo.bandcamp.com/album/a-s-ance-at-syd-s

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