cranium pie

More fruits de mer familiar folk are cranium pie who without a shadow of doubt have been responsible for some of the most wayward, out there forward thinking backwards looking forwards while standing sideways sounds to have graced the FdM roster from day one so much so that fearful of being held responsible for frying your minds with the weird grooves emanating from their strange sounds sonic bunker they decided to regale the chosen populace sonic with ‘Mechanisms’ in handy bite sized portions – two be precise ‘part 1’ and (not wishing to be too obvious here) ‘part 2’. Now comfortably satisfied in the knowledge that exposure to both has somewhat acclimatised your head spaces, they are now preparing to roll out the big guns and complete the process so that you can partake of the full unbridled and undiluted experience in one fell swoop. ‘the mechanism tapes’ promises to be a full on head kicking trip like no other – the complete sonic effect set across three hours of zonked out weirdness which will shortly be making a limited appearance at the forthcoming ‘Dr Sardonicus’ festival as a mammoth 4 CD set and a rare as hens teeth double cassette (we have already dispatched begging letters for the tape effect version) – sneak previews have been wierding out the you tube brethren here……..


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