magic bus

 Due up in the first week of September the Mer machine will be cranking into its extended year end season with four killer seven inches leading the way, as ever all strictly limited and pressed up variously on coloured wax some with posters and all featuring cuts from some of the labels top table talent – Vibravoid, Nick Nicely, Tir Na Nog and magic bus…..

First up for a spot of turntable testing and tasting, Devon’s finest Magic Bus serve up two kaleidoscopic corkers in the guise of ‘seven wonders’ (culled from a hugely enjoyable odyssey entitled ‘transmission from Sogmore’s garden’) and an utterly divine and rather smoked out version of the Byrds evergreen ‘eight miles high’. The former of course was mentioned in these very pages earlier this year to what I can only describe as much breathless adoration, in fact such was the level of breathlessness that we very near fainted upon the quilt like bedding of bunting that we decorated nay danced nay festooned the listening space in honour of as we listened in awe. Anyhow still as cute as a button and still very much veering upon the type of warping weird ear gear that emanates from the grooves of passing Cranium Pie releases not to mention shimmered in the delicate dream weaving of the Chemistry Set themselves found as though venturing into sacred sonic spaces crafted by the psych folk fried mindset of a tag team of Circulus and Zombies types. That aforementioned review incidentally can, should you so wish be viewed upon here – as to their version of the Byrds classic ‘eight miles high’ – well let us just say that if the uber trippy 2 minute dream intro doesn’t get your wig flipping and your third eye blinking wildly then surely there’s no hope in waking your inner free spirit. Once emerged from its unfamiliar trip-a-delic tinkering the Magic ones adorn upon the original template a truly zonked out and psychoactive pastoral posy of out there kookified kaleidoscopia.    

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