me and my kites / soft hearted scientists

First up with the FdM frolics a brace of uber limited lathe cut releases specially crafted and lovingly shaped out of polycarbonate or whatever hell the material they make these wonderfully looking pressings on is by those fine folk at 345rpm – Phil as it happens (whose contact details you can find somewhere below). These treats will be available to purchase at the forthcoming ‘13th dream of Dr Sardonicus’ soiree due to happen over three days early August – 7, 8 and 9 if you’ve a circle making pen for your diaries handy –  in Cardigan, Wales – details of which in abundance we’ll be regaling you with later on here. Just 50 copies each of these eye catching lovelies both splits the first of which finds me and my kites sharing billing with the frankly amazing Soft Hearted Scientists. Maybe it’s just me but Switzerland’s me and my kites’ quite dreamy ‘war’ has what can only be best described as all the becoming wherewithal to have the most casual admirer of woozy psych folk momentarily imagining that it be the creation of a studio down time bliss out shared by Magnet and Renaissance such is its slyly divinely pastoral mellowing and its beautified out of step and out of time vintage allure, that said those among you smitten by Beautify Junkyards (also appearing in coming days here) albeit as though discovered rethreading Linda Perhacs gem stone ‘parallelograms’ may find much to adore by way of its airy cascading enchantment. Over on the flip the as advertised Soft Hearted Scientists who serve up ‘surferella’ and into the bargain salvage a track that’s been foolishly languishing in the SHS vaults since way back in that golden year 2007. Now we here have always had something of a soft spot for these dudes, so much so we’ve oft considered (or rathermore) suspected them of operating in some hitherto parallel space uniquely quarantined and free from faddish dilution and disturbing influences. How on earth this has remained in the dark for such an age is a mystery sounding as it does like some strut gouged Who-sian throwaway re-trimmed by Joe Meek and sent a-sailing to tropical climes to show off its fleet footed hip wiggling shimmy. Need I say more – I suspect not.

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