the cats never sleep / the insektlife cycle

Second serving of the lathe lovelies pairs together the cats never sleep and insektlife cycle for what are label debuts for both parties, the former incidentally hailing from Sweden – the recognised land of pop perfection whilst the latter transmitting from the Philippines. Both cuts featured within are instrumentals which as the attending press release rightly notes offer up a perfect chill down soundtrack to accompany lazy evening lounging in the garden watching hazy sunburnt skies retreating into the distance (in which case if you have the misfortune to live in the North West substitute that hopeful but non-existent picturesque scenery for blackened cloud filled skies getting ever more darker). Anyway enough grumbling and back to the business of the tracks, the Cats Never Sleep (to digress a short second longer – our house cat – Dylan – whilst having no issue in the sleep department has taken to being very vocal of late to the point its becoming a living flashback of those ‘Charlie says….’ public information broadcasts of the early 70’s – just thought I’d share that – off you go then) serve up ‘soma’ – a hulking 4 minute snake winding dream coat wearing odyssey which aside sounding blissfully stoned out could easily (on closer inspection) be taken for something you’d find quietly lurking on the Cardinal Fuzz imprint given its undeniable ability to have you the listener by its close magical festooned with all manner of weird hair and beards, that is once you’ve emerged mind, body and soul intact from the far out freak kissed trip it sets its dials for you to venture upon. Things are a little more earthbound and somewhat tropically trimmed by insektlfe cycle’s ‘sungaze’ which by and large throughout its 5 minute stay comes touched with the intricately subtle needlework that one would more  commonly associate with Mr Reilly of Durutti Column fame albeit here as though found smooching up to Jonas Monk in his Manual guise both in cahoots concocting an alluring bliss kissed alchemy upon a warmth fused panoramic canvas of cloud watching lazy inclines delicately spliced by the adoring soft cascade of rushes of euphoric radiance.

As promised those must have links to Phil Macy’s lathe cutting service and subscription label service 454545 can be found at (we’ll be back here in a few days – honest).


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