Tir Na nOg

Second bite from the quartered Fruits de Mer September pie comes courtesy of the legendary Tir Na nOg – again available on limited seven inch pressings of coloured wax and guaranteed to fly off the racks on pre sales faster than you can say ‘feck, this is good’ – this two track gem features a quite entrancing live rendition of ‘tir na nog’ – a track that first appeared on their debuting (Peel endorsed) full length for Chrysalis way back in ’71 – a truly hypnotic slice of ghostly acid folk crystal cut in a long lost sonic tongue and shimmered in a deeply mesmerising glazing that borders upon the mystical and which should find approving nods from the Hare and the Moon brethren. As though seeking to complete the circle, from their latest (and we should say – quietly acclaimed) album ‘the dark dance’ comes the equally mind weaving ‘ricochet’ which all  said finds itself edging matters in the best thing here stakes given its graced by a deliciously woozy snake charming middle eastern hypno groove that’s flashed through with psychotropic dissipates and which should by rights draw close affection from those much admiring of the psych nu groove espoused by artists as disparate and at opposing ends of kaleidoscopic spectrum as Goat and the Cult of Dom Keller.  

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