Final mention for the Fruits de Mer September release soiree sees the uber cool psych dudes Vibravoid turning their collective kaleidoscopic sights upon three nuggets from yesteryear. In truth our favourite release of the four (but don’t tell the other three) and even then just for the appearance of a frankly must hear re-telling of HP Lovecraft’s ‘the white ship’ (a new mix no less of a cover that first appeared via the excellent timemazine publication) which while I’m here I may as well mention is just so out there that you might want to consider laying a trail of cosmic bread crumbs so that you can find yourself safely back from its astral gliding odyssey which in truth should you need descriptors is best served by trying to imagine some meteor fragment being dropped into the vast  celestial pools and then settling back at safe distance to observe the airless shimmering symphonia resulting from the ensuing ripple formations here replicated by the woozy coalesce of tripping sitars and buzzsawing pulsars. Immense in short. Elsewhere a stomping garage gouged take of the Monkees ‘(I’m not your) stepping stone’ sees it reclaimed from the spitting dismiss of the Sex Pistols and comfortably ensconced back into a mid 60’s fold to be kissed with the kind of cool cut swagger of an at the height of their powers Wimple Winch. Tucked in between you’ll find a seriously trippy re-trim of Traffic’s classic Alice moment ‘hole in my shoe’ here hallucinogenically haloed and flowered up amid a lazy eyed cortege of sozzled sitars and middle eastern floral fancies – be honest resistance is useless. Again as with the rest of the September pack this release comes pressed up on limited quantities of coloured 7 inch wax which judging by previous Vibravoid outings will sell out in nanoseconds and be the refuge of auction site feeding frenzy.

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