active listener sampler #34

More related friends of the fish in the shape of the acutely cool Active Listener webzine (who we owe something of an apology to due to our absence which we will be setting straight in the coming days) have just unveiled their 34th sampler showcasing an impeccable picking of the most crucial sounds currently to be found on the prog, psych, paisley pop aural axis. Again time runs against us but we’ve had a quick wander through the sound lands happily picking and pressing three cool cuts to start you on your adventure (full reviews will hopefully appear very soon). Our interests were a piqued on sighting the inclusion of Sir Robin and the Long bowmen’s quite wonderfully unreal ‘I would like’ which we happily tripped across some months ago on one of our frequent forays into bandcamp world (see – – this honey comes peppered in all manner of Hammond swirls all softly serenading to a beautifully sculptured 60’s motifs as though L’Augmentation had set their collective mindset to the reframing of a smoking Doors-ian mirage to which long standing admirers of Afterglow and the Chocolate Watchband may do well to seek out at their earliest convenience. Subsumed in vintage wires, nobs and archaic key paraphernalia Gabe Knox’s ‘data set’ is a cosmidelic carpet ride star hopping through the vast galactic voids at the helm of kolossal krautian kruiser stopping on occasion to refuel at such celebrated sonic outer posts as La Dusseldorf, Zombi, Fly, midwich youth club and ‘scene 30’ era Echoboy – something which we will for future reference be keenly turning our radar upon in order to intercept forthcoming further transmissions. Those preferring their sounds somewhat shadow lined in dark romantic mysticism might be well minded to venture the crooked path carved out by moth rah courtesy of their quite beautifully macabre ‘song of the dreamer’, a haunting spectral beguiled and entranced upon a deceptively speckled rich alluring sonic tapestry wherein the subtle flavouring ingredients of the finest sources drawn of several parts Brit folk horror classicism, ghostly folk  apparitions and secret love notes  are delicately stirred into a bewitching spell charming sonic potion – quite eerily enchanting if you ask me.

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