the 13th dream of dr sardonicus 2

CD2 – for those up to speed with these things is your treat / gift for sticking around till day 2 is an eleven track affair described by the attaching press blurb as a heavier offering featuring 70 minutes of beard growing aural additives and wigged out flowery beatnikness that includes a brace of cuts from Simones ’98 set ‘balloon ride’ – ‘the way she smiles’ and ‘song from Mars’ if you happen to be taking notes – the latter mentioned featuring some nifty fuzzed out fancifulness. Then there’s a blistering home demo from the Bevis entitled ‘the rest is silence’ which finds him channelling the spirit as were of the Soft Boys c. ‘underwater moonlight’ while Paul Foley trips in with the wonderfully wasted and middle eastward facing bliss eyed ‘journey’s end’ – a 13 minute titan that takes Fahey’s dust grizzled delta blues on a spiritual homage while Sendelica’s Sabbathian head trip ‘spaceman bubblegum’ is here captured in all its live gloriousness pulled from a Wurzburg appearance last year. Fast forward to the closing grooves and something strangely magical lurks in the shape of Gizmo’s ‘marlow’s children’ – this honey taken from a planned set of the same name – the first in a trilogy no less – frankly sounds like a seriously whacked out at the height of their creative powers Gabriel in situ Genesis under Beefheartian influences.

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