darren durham

and talking of fortdax, long been off our radar I’m disappointed to say, but we did hook up a sound cloud page only discover much to our joy a whole host of groove that Mr Durham has been recording under his own name along with some well heeled rare cuts from fortdax with a fair few treats here I’m embarrassed to say previously unknown to us. One such which should chime with old school admirers and have certain patrons and disciples nodding with affectionate approval especially those still tearfully touched by the near divine perfection of ‘at bracken’ is ‘with the wind in our sails’ which appears from the liner notes / credits to have been written four years ago and which was composed with a view to back dropping a filmic vehicle of some sort, in short two minutes of near pirouetting perfection which once freed of its Goblin-esque glints unfurls with demurring drama to cause little heart rushes as it romantically sweeps and arcs amid a swooning magicalia that thaws from the affectionate turn of clock working motifs to embrace a full on emotionally peppering wide screen majesty lush in brontean flurries and genuflecting pastoral posies. Breathless.  https://soundcloud.com/darren-durham   

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